The Campervan Wedding Co started out as Vintage Inspired Wedding Hire, we changed our name as of 2019 to better represent VW wedding car and Photo Booth wedding services we offer. 

The core Campervan Wedding Co team consists of Steph & Drew, long time admirers of vintage VWs who finally took the plunge and bought one of our own, our lovely Dita, just a year before our own wedding in April 2015.

When we bought our first campervan Dita with romantic notion of renovating her to take a starring role on our special day we had no idea how much work that would involve!

A brand new engine and bespoke upholstered interior were supplied by experts but this left a myriad of jobs to complete before she was ready for her debut. There were times when we thought we weren't going to get there but after more long days and late nights than either of us care to remember Drew and Dita eventually made it home at 5am the morning before our wedding.  All this was forgotten the next day though when Dita made it to the church on time and in perfect vintage style. It just wouldn't have been the same without her​​. 

​One VW is never enough! So in 2017 lovely Dusty & Dorian joined our fleet, available to hire individually or as a group they are the picture perfect fleet, guaranteed to complete your days style. 



Quite a few things when you think about it. They are show-stoppers, smile makers and catalysts for laughter & good times. Our fantastic VWs Dita, Dusty & Dorian are like no others, guaranteed to make your day extra special and be an instant hit with your guests.

Our campervans Dita & Dusty are classy ladies by day but don't be fooled, they also like to party!  When booked as a photo booth they come fully equipped with a state of the art equipment allowing them to print duplicate photo strips on demand, not to mention an impressive selection of genuine vintage props. So grab a prop and a friend, step on in and smile for the camera!

Can you really have it all? Yes you can ... in a campervan!

Love our VWs and want to include them in your special day? Don't delay! The Campervan Wedding Co take bookings up to two years in advance and once a date is gone, its gone. Ask for a quote and secure your date today!

the wedding industry awards national winners 2018

In 2017 The Campervan Wedding Co entered the prestigious TWIA Wedding Industry Awards under our former name Vintage Inspired Wedding Hire. The TWIA awards are designed to recognise and reward excellence in the wedding industry. 

TWIA awards are highly respected due to being awarded based on the votes, testimonials and scores of a companies clients from the prior year.

As a relatively new and small company we didn't expect a great deal but as it turned out we were overwhelmed by the support we received from our clients. Our lovely couples voted in droves and thanks to them we won not only our regional award (that would have been more than enough!) but the national award for Special Touch services.

Once the awards have been announced entrants receive details of the votes, testimonials and scores they received. There was not a dry eye in the house as we read through our clients comments; they not only supported us, they downright demanded we won! Our average voter score was 9.98 out of 10 and if you're wondering where we lost that 0.02 it was on our website which, in response, we have since re platformed. 



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